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Product Code: 1305-04064

PowerMAX Cat.6 Toolless RJ45 Keystone Jack

PowerMAX Cat.6 Unshielded Toolless Jack

The DINTEK PowerMAX™ Category 6 solutions are guaranteed to exceed ClassE channel specifications as set down in International standards.

Our PowerMAX™ Unshielded solution comprises Category 6 component compliant patch panels, keystones and patch cords. When combined with DINTEK’s Category 6 U/UTP cable, an end-to-end channel exists that maximises data throughput and provides headroom for all future technologies operating beyond one Gigabit. Combined with other DINTEK PowerMAX™ Unshielded products, our Category 6 cable is the perfect solution to your voice and data communications needs.


  • Voice
  • Fast Ethernet(IEEE802.3)
  • 100Base-T Ethernet(IEEE 802.3u)
  • 155/622 Mbps 1.2/ 2.4 Gbps ATM
  • 1000Base-T Ethernet


  • High performance, exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-2.D Category 6 Hardware transmission performance
  • Accepts 22-26AWG, Stranded or solid wire
  • Wiring: T568A/B


  • UL Listed
  • ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition
  • ANSI/TIA Standard 568-2.D
  • CENELEC EN 50173

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PowerMAX Cat.6 Shielded Toolless Jack




Technical Specifications
Connector HousingHigh Impact Flame-Retardant Plastic
StandardUL94v-0 rated
Front Connection
Contact TypeSpring Wire
MaterialPhosphor Bronze Alloy Plated with 50 micro-inch of Gold over 70~100 micro-inch of Nickel
Rear Terminals
Terminal TypeIDC
MaterialPhosphor Bronze Alloy with 10 micro-inch 100% Sn Alloy
Physical Ranges
Temperature Range
Stroage-40 to +70℃
Operational-10 to +60℃
Relative humidity
OperationalMax. non-condensing 93%
Retention50N (11 Ibf) for 60s ± 5s
Insertion/Extraction life750 cycles minimum
Number of IDC terminations200 minimum

Total mating force

800 grams for a 8 wire leads minimum

Insulation Resistance500 mΩ min.@ 100V d.c
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage1000 V d.c. or a.c. Peak Contact to Contact @ 60 Hz for 1 MIN.
Spring Wire Contact Resistance20 mΩ Max.
Voltage/Current Rating150VAC/1.5A
IDC Contact Resistance2.5 mΩ Max.

Strip 40mm of sheath from cable        

Remove the inner divider and stripping braid

Insert the wires through the back of the wire forming cap

Lay the wires into thier correct configuration, either T568A or T568B

Using side cutters, cut the wires level with the wire forming cap

Place the wiring cap into the connector body using the arrows on the cap  to match on the body

Close the outer clamps around the connector body.

Continue to press down on outer clamps until they are fully closed. This will ensure the terminations are complete.

The finished connector should not show any wires at the back, the jacket should reach to the rear of the connector .

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