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Product Code: 6106-02005

Professional Epoxy Fiber Tool Kit

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DINTEK Professional Epoxy Termination Kit

The DINTEK Professional Epoxy Finer Tool Kit contains all of the required quality fiber optic tools and consumable materials necessary for the fiber installer to carry out low cost SC, ST, FC connector epoxy and polish.


  • Inspection microscope so you can inspect the quality of your work
  • Fiber stripper removes 3mm jacket from optical patch cables and also
  • removes fiber coatings (900um tight buffer or 250um UV coating layer)
  • exposing the bare fiber cladding
  • Kevlar scissors for cutting kevlar strength member inside fiber jacket
  • Fiber connector crimp tool for crimping outer clamp around kevlar
  • Professional fiber scribing tool to scribe the bare fiber
  • Epoxy supplied supplied for fixing the fiber inside the connector along
  • with empty syringes for epoxy dispensing into the connector body
  • Glass polish plate enabling technician to place rubber polishing pad on top of it
  • Rubber polish pad enabling technician to place the lapping films on top of it
  • Lapping films (several grits included, typically 12 um, 3 um, 1 um and
  • 0.5 um)
  • Connector hand polishing pucks for FC, SC, ST

Individual Kit List Features

  • 200x Microscope x 1
  • Syringe x 1
  • Carbide scribe x 1
  • Stripper x 1
  • A/B fast epoxy glue x 1
  • ST & SC polish disc x 1
  • Glass working pad x 1
  • Wipe paper x 3
  • Kevlar cutter x 1
  • Crimp tool x 1
  • Cleanser x 1
  • Rubber working pad x 1
  • 6um/1um/0.05um diamond polish film x 1

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DINTEK Professional Fiber Tool Kit

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